Charly Cheer

Charly is a full time traveler, video blogger, puppy and plant lover.

She is a pioneer as the first well known African American video blogger in South Korea through her YouTube channel & now lives and vlogs in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Charly studied Spanish at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California and went to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Learner Studies at Ashford University.

She is a well rounded and experienced teacher globally which includes experience with elementary students through adults as well as teaching the visually impaired. She has taught in South Korea, Mexico, Vietnam and is always looking for her next adventure abroad.

Charly is well versed in the process for obtaining a job abroad in these countries, and living the life of a female nomad. She has coached other aspiring travelers and teachers to free themselves of their fears and allow their dreams to unfold through her Skype sessions.

Charly opts for long term visits in a country opposed to short term tourist type travel. During her time in a country, she tries her best to tackle the language, learn about culture and dig her fork in the vegetarian cuisine, all while sharing her experiences with the world through her video blogs.


Are you interested in getting into travel, practice English, teach abroad or write a job resume/lesson plan that you think I can help with?

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