1-on-1 sessions

I enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals and exploring energy exchange with those who are looking for alternative and creative ways to experience value. 
For that reason, I offer 1-on-1 Skype sessions. These sessions are usually done through Skype video sessions, however we can do voice only if that’s your preference. It is a great way to start your own personal transformation with ease and flexibility. 

Are you interested in getting into travel, practice English, teach abroad or write a job resume/lesson plan that you think I can help with?

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How this works:

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I’m offering 1-on-1 counselling session regarding teaching abroad, lesson plan help, resume improvement, starting a travel lifestyle for 30 mins or 60 mins as well as weekly/monthly appointment packages.


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Once you’ve chosen your package, fill in the form with your information, date and time available and topic(s) you’d like to cover in the session.


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The booking will first take place, when the payment has been submitted via Paypal. With the email you’ve signed up with, I will contact you for further scheduling of the appointment. My schedule is flexible so no need to worry about finding a good time for you. 



I’m always open to feedback to improve my sessions so please do not hesitate to leave constructive feedback afterward.


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Any questions regarding the sessions,
feel free to reach out!